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ACT Road Rules Test 1

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In a 'No Parking' zone, if you are stopping to pickup/set down passengers or goods, you must do so within...?

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In ACT's shared zones, who has ultimate right-of-way?

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Which of these is a typical speed limit for a shared zone in the ACT?

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When you have overtaken, you should pull back in...?

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You should be aware that the best road position for motorcyclist is usually...?

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On a single lane road you must give way to a bus signalling to pull out...?

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When making a U-turn, you must give way to...?

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If you are driving a goods vehicle, what is the longest you are allowed to stay in a loading zone unless signs indicate otherwise?

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The police can pull you over to test for alcohol and drugs...?

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When overtaking motorcyclists, you should give them...?

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When parking, you should always leave at least what distance to the cars in front and behind?

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What is the minimum lateral distance you should maintain when overtaking a cyclist in a zone where the speed limit is below 60 km/h?

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To counter the effects of fatigue drivers should take a 15-minute break every...?

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When driving a motor vehicle on a learner driver licence, you must be accompanied by...?

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When passing a stationary or slow-moving emergency vehicle, you must cut your speed to...?

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You are approaching two cyclists from behind who are riding side-by-side. What should you do?

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You can overtake a stationary vehicle at a pedestrian crossing...?

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When crossing a footpath to enter a driveway, you must give way to...?

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If anybody has been killed or injured in a crash in which you are involved, you must provide your details to a police officer within what time after the crash?

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Which of the should you not do when being overtaken?

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When you are driving, how big a gap should you leave to the vehicle in front of you for safety?

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In order to overtake, it is permissible to exceed the speed limit by...?

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Which of these vehicles has priority at a roundabout?

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When changing lanes, what is the order you should follow?

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In normal circumstances, you must not park within what distance of a public postbox?

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Understanding the ACT Learners Practice Test

The Purpose and Significance for New Drivers

The ACT Learners Practice Test is more than just a stepping stone. It’s your initial introduction to the rules and regulations of the road, designed to give you a strong foundation in safe driving practices. By understanding the significance of this test, you begin to comprehend its essential role in the bigger picture of your driving career. With road safety being a key priority for ACT, this assessment ensures that every new driver is well-equipped to make sound driving decisions.

Test Format and Key Areas Covered

Knowing what’s ahead is half the battle. The ACT Learners Practice Test is divided into sections covering different aspects of driving, including general knowledge, road signs, and situational responses. Brushing up on your knowledge of ACT-specific road rules, which may vary from other states in Australia, is paramount. Expect questions that present road scenarios, where you’ll need to identify the best course of action according to legal parameters.