ACT DKT Road Rules Practice Test 01

Once you have prepared sufficiently for your exam, you need to make sure that you schedule and pay for your exam. On the day of the exam, you will be required to show specific types of identification so you need to know exactly what they are well in advance. For instance, you will need proof of identity and residency (i.e. current medical card, current student ID, and etc).



When changing lanes, what is the order you should follow?

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When parking, you should always leave at least what distance to the cars in front and behind?

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Which of these is a typical speed limit for a shared zone in the ACT?

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Parking fines in ACT are the responsibility of…?

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You should be aware that the best road position for motorcyclist is usually…?

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When a transit lane is operational, which of these is not allowed to drive in it?

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When passing a stationary or slow-moving emergency vehicle, you must cut your speed to...?

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When you have overtaken, you should pull back in…?

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Learner car driver licence holders must display how many L plates on their vehicle when driving?

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In order to overtake, it is permissible to exceed the speed limit by…?

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If a large vehicle carrying a dangerous load is involved in a crash you can find an Emergency Procedures Guide where?

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In what circumstances is it permissible not to report a crash to the police?

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Who must inform the RTA of any change in vehicle ownership?

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You are approaching two cyclists from behind who are riding side-by-side. What should you do?

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In ACT's shared zones, who has ultimate right-of-way?

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Which of the should you not do when being overtaken?

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When driving on a learner driver licence you must not tow a trailer that weighs more than...?

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When driving a motor vehicle on a learner driver licence, you must be accompanied by…

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What is the minimum lateral distance you should maintain when overtaking a cyclist in a zone where the speed limit is below 60 km/h?

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Unless signed otherwise, parking restrictions apply…?

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If two vehicles are approaching each other, each doing 80 km/h, they are closing at a rate of...?

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On a single lane road you must give way to a bus signalling to pull out...?

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If you are driving a goods vehicle, what is the longest you are allowed to stay in a loading zone unless signs indicate otherwise?

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If anybody has been killed or injured in a crash in which you are involved, you must provide your details to a police officer within what time after the crash?

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When overtaking motorcyclists, you should give them…?

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