Once you have prepared sufficiently for your exam, you need to make sure that you schedule and pay for your exam. On the day of the exam, you will be required to show specific types of identification so you need to know exactly what they are well in advance. For instance, you will need proof of identity and residency (i.e. current medical card, current student ID, and etc).
When making a right-hand turn, you should make it from…?

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You must always park at least what distance from a fire hydrant?

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What is the default speed limit in ACT in a rural area?

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You can only overtake another vehicle if the road is marked with…?

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Which of these offences will collect one penalty point?

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In which of these areas should you be careful to watch out for signs changing the speed limit?

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The best way to beat driver fatigue is…?

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Using a handheld mobile phone while driving incurs a penalty of how many points?

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The legal limit for blood alcohol concentration (other than for drivers who must have a zero concentration) is what?

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What is the default speed limit for a built-up area in ACT?

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When do you have to give way to an emergency vehicle with lights and/or siren on?

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If you drive under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, you may face…?

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When there is a turn line at an intersection, you should…?

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Slip lanes are to help drivers…?

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The lower section of a seatbelt should fit across your…?

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Children below what age must always be restrained with a proper approved child restraint?

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When a sign indicates that you are permitted to turn left at a red light, you must…?

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A green traffic light means what?

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Children must sit in appropriate rearward facing child restraints/capsules until they reach what age?

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If traffic lights are malfunctioning, what must you do?

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What sequence should you follow when making a left-hand turn?

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In what circumstances is it permissible not to report a crash to the police?

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You are approaching a roundabout on a multilane road where you intend to turn off less than halfway round. Which lane should you choose?

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On the approach to pedestrian crossing, you must park at least what distance from it?

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Which of these vehicles is not permitted to use a bus lane in ACT?

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