ACT Road Signs Test 1

Try our free practice test! Practice for ACT Learner’s Permit Test can make the difference between passing or be failing at the test centre.

ACT Road Signs Test 1

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How To Pass Your ACT Learner’s Permit Test

Applying for a learner license in the Australian Capital Territory can be done when you are at least 15 years and nine months old.

Aside from the age requirement, you’ll also need to prepare the necessary documents, e.g., primary proof, one secondary proof, and proof of residency.

Then, you will need to take the ACT road rules knowledge test certificate and a road-ready course for your learner’s licence. Last, you will need to pay the learner licence fee.

The ACT learner’s permit test is perhaps the biggest roadblock to your success, but it can be done in just one try. Here’s how to pass the ACT written driving exam with flying colors.

Master the ACT Road Handbook

When passing the learner’s test, the ACT road user’s handbook will be your best friend. This is because all of the questions that will be asked in the real exam will come from the handbook.

That said, read the guide from cover to cover at least once. Don’t rush through it; absorb the information and take a break if your head feels like it’s taking too much.

The most important points to take heart are the road rules, signs, and traffic laws. Also, don’t memorize; absorb and understand them to answer better. Take notes, read it out loud, or take mini-quizzes if it helps.

Practice Permit Tests

You can take practice written tests online to get a feel for the actual testing environment. This can benefit you in several ways, including doing the practice exam in the comfort of your own home, not having consequences, and repeatability.

The practice test is free; you can take as many as you like. Results are immediately given, and you can know what items you got wrong (and the right answers for them).

Much like reading the handbook, it’s better to take the test more than once to gain confidence and see most of the questions assigned on the real written driving test.

The Right Mindset and Attitude

Passing the ACT learners permit test will require more than just reading the handbook. You will need to possess a confident mind and the right attitude.

It’s best to be optimistic rather than thinking you will fail. Practice taking tests until you’re fairly confident you can succeed. Take frequent breaks, but get back to reading and learning. Avoid distractions and put away your smartphone and social media in the meantime.

Get at least 8 hours of sleep and eat breakfast just before taking the actual test. If you take the learner’s and driving tests, prepare for a full day. Clear your schedule and surround yourself with people who believe in you.

There are a few tips on how you can conquer exam anxiety. The best one is to practice until you’re familiar with the questions. Take a few deep breaths before diving into the questionnaire. Don’t rush; carefully read the questions and answers before proceeding to the next item.