If you are scheduled to take the NSW Drivers test, you may want to start early with your preparations. Though there are many different ways and methods to prepare, our practice tests can assist you in making a passing score the first time.

NSW Road Rules Test 3

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As well as observing all posted speed limits, learner drivers must not exceed what speed in any circumstances?

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To combat fatigue, you should make sure that you have a 15-minute break at least every...?

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With a full New South Wales car licence, you can ride a car-based motor tricycle providing it is not equipped to carry more than how many people including the driver?

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Drivers over the age of 75 will require a medical examination in order to keep their licence at what intervals?

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Learning drivers must always be supervised by...?

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Who can be fined if a car passenger over 16 it is not wearing an available seatbelt?

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When you have a learner licence, your blood alcohol concentration when you drive must be...?

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Children must be restrained using an approved child restraint or suitable booster seat until they reach the age of...?

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If you drive a car-based motor tricycle, you must wear...?

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Learner drivers can tow what sort of trailer?

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What is the most common factor in fatal crashes involving drivers/riders aged between 17 and 25 in New South Wales?

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You are legally obliged to give way to pedestrians at/on...?

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More than half of pedestrian fatalities occur...?

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When driving in areas where there are lots of pedestrians, you should...?

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When you've been asleep, to avoid the risks of 'sleep inertia' you should leave at least how long before you drive?

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Learner licence holders will have their licence suspended if they incur how many demerit points?

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If you have a learner licence you are not permitted to drive in which of these Sydney parks?

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If you have a learner licence, under what circumstances can you use a mobile phone when driving?

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Who has responsibility for making sure that every person in a car is wearing a suitable seatbelt or child restraint?

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A person using a motorized wheelchair should be treated the same as...?

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Where possible, children under the age of seven must travel in...?

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How many state driving licences can an Australian citizen hold?

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On a standard car licence, what is the maximum number of passengers you can carry?

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Learner drivers must display L signs on...?

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Drivers from which country are exempt from testing when applying for an NSW licence, if they have a licence from their own country?

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Tips to Pass the Written Test

To succeed in the written test, you must understand what is expected of you and how to best prepare for the different sections.

Understanding Road Rules

Invest ample time in comprehending the various road rules and their applications. DKT questions can be quite specific, so a meticulous understanding of the handbook is your ticket to accuracy.

Practicing Hazard Perception

The hazard perception component challenges you to anticipate and react to potential dangers. Brush up on your observational skills and practice gauging risks on the road in your everyday life.

Managing Test Anxiety

Feeling nervous before a test is normal, but managing that anxiety will be pivotal in performing well. Ensure you get a good night’s rest, eat a hearty breakfast, and employ relaxation techniques to keep a clear head.

Remember, the DKT is as much a test of your presence of mind as it is of your knowledge. Sharpening both aspects is the ultimate recipe for success.