If you are scheduled to take the NSW Drivers test, you may want to start early with your preparations. Though there are many different ways and methods to prepare, our practice tests can assist you in making a passing score the first time.
If you have a warning triangle, after an accident you should display it a minimum distance from your vehicle?

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You can exercise a pet with a lead tied to your vehicle…?

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Who has right-of-way at a T intersection?

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When turning right at an intersection, you must give way to…?

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Your car horn can only be used for which of these purposes?

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If you are leaving a road at a driveway or intersection, you can drive in a bicycle lane for a maximum of what distance?

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Under what circumstances can you drive with a person in the boot of a station wagon?

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When a lane is marked as T3, you can drive in it provided you are carrying at least how many passengers?

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If you are caught cheating on the Driver Knowledge Test, you will be disqualified and cannot take the test again for how long?

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If you are in an accident where a native animal is injured, you should contact…?

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P1 drivers under the age of 25 cannot carry more than one passenger of what age between 11 PM and 5 AM?

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Which of these vehicles is not permitted to use a bus lane?

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If you are towing a caravan on a road without streetlights, you must remain at least what distance from heavy vehicles or other vehicles towing caravans unless overtaking?

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You must obtain a New South Wales licence if you have been resident in New South Wales for more than…?

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When two lanes merge into one, which car has the priority?

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What percentage of fatal accidents are caused by drivers being distracted?

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You should dip your headlights to low beam when coming up behind a vehicle or approaching an oncoming vehicle when you get within what distance of them?

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An authorized towing truck in New South Wales should have a number plate consisting of four numbers followed by what?

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When you get to a stop line, you should stop…?

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What is the minimum age at which you can take your driving test?

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If you are under 18 and use false ID to buy alcohol, your provisional licence can be extended for…?

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If the police do not attend the scene of the crash in which you are involved, you must inform them of the crash if…?

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Nobody must ride in a caravan while it is being towed unless …?

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The only instance where it is permissible for driver not to wear a seatbelt is…?

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The safest thing to do if possible if you break down on a highway is what?

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