To ensure that you pass the NSW written driving test the first time, take our practice driving test NSW. There are 300+ questions and include everything you’ll see on the actual written test.

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Why You Need to Take A Practice Driving Test NSW?

Some people may not be aware that they can take a practice driving test NSW before taking on the real thing.

An NSW practice driver’s test is a mock exam that’s similar to the official test in questions and structure. Most of these DKT tests are available on the internet and can be accessed using your smartphone or laptop computer.

A regulation DKT, or driver knowledge test will test your knowledge of the road rules in Australia. It contains about 45 questions and those who want to take it must pay a fee.

Keep in mind that there are different tests per licence class. The computer will choose the items from a database of about 600 questions.

Taking a practice written driving exam in NSW, Australia can help you in the following ways:

Pass the Real Test On Your First Try

There’s a certain level of satisfaction to be had when you pass the official driving test the first time around. For one, you won’t have to waste time trying to get your permit and going to the exam site when you fail the test. Second, you won’t have to redo the process of studying all those manuals and trying to see what you did wrong.

NSW practice driver questions are sourced from actual tests and constantly updated so you can expect them to come up when it’s finally time for the real exam.

Gain Greater Confidence

Practice Driving Test NSWIt’s understandable to be nervous in pass-or-fail exams that mean a lot to you, and getting a driver’s license is certainly a nerve-wracking affair. The only way to beat the jitters is to be prepared so you know what to expect, and more importantly, you find out about the questions (and the answer to those questions).

Practice makes perfect, and testing your knowledge in a practice exam is one of the best ways to gain confidence. The chances of succeeding improve with each practice test you take. You’ll know you’re ready when you start flying through the questions with ease.

Unlimited Retries

In a practice NSW driving test there’s no consequence when you fail. It’s a teaching tool that can provide real-time results so you get immediate feedback.

You can get unlimited retries and prepare for the real driving test. You can spend all the time you want so you can get a higher chance to pass the actual exam.

How to Prepare for the NSW Driving Test

Your handbooks will be your best ally in passing the DKT. They can be bought at any service centre or on the internet. Browse through the material so you’ll know and understand road safety and general driving knowledge.

When you feel that you can take the exam, try the practice driving test NSW to gauge your familiarity of the subject. Finish all 45 questions, then check how you did. Take note of the incorrect answers so you won’t make the same mistake in the official driving test.

If you failed, it’s time to absorb more material and read through the handbooks again. Soon you’ll be familiar with most of the questions and can answer them with confidence.