Queensland Road Signs Test 1

Before you take the Learners Test QLD, you can take our practice test. These tests include everything you will need to know for the real test.

Queensland Road Signs Test 1

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Learners Test QLD: Be Prepared

Are you looking for advice to help you prepare for your written driving test in Queensland? To pass your driving test, you’ll need to sit a written and a practical test. The written test consists of two parts: a multiple-choice exam and hazard perception.

Giving yourself enough time to study, revise, and practice the written tests would be best. Many learner drivers are so focused on their practical driving test that they don’t spend enough time on the theory. The more preparation you do for your written test, the more likely you will pass.

The written driving test concentrates on testing your knowledge of the rules of the road. There will be 30 multiple-choice questions that will test the give-way rules and general road rules. You’ll need to at least nine out of ten for the give-way rules and eighteen out of twenty for the general road rules.

Booking the Written Driving Test

Learners Test QLDWhen you book the written driving test, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. Firstly, make sure that you have time to study. Don’t book your test simultaneously with other exams, or you might not have time to study the necessary materials thoroughly.

It’s also a good idea to consider whether you want a morning or an afternoon time slot. Many learner drivers find that mornings are best. If you do your test in the morning, you can get it out of the way and continue your day. Instead of waiting around, feeling nervous for much of the day before taking your test.

Study Tips

You can download ‘Your Keys to Driving in Queensland’ from the government website or buy a copy from a local shop. This guide contains all the road rules and everything you will likely be tested on.

You are reading and studying this guide carefully before your exam would be best. The book has 181 in-depth information about Queensland’s current driver licensing requirements. When purchasing the book, you should ensure it is an up-to-date copy, as the guide is often revised.

Once you’ve read the guide and feel that you’re knowledgeable about the road rules in Queensland, you’ll be able to take a practice test to see how you’re likely to perform in the real test. Sample tests are available on The Department of Transport and Main Roads website.

Don’t worry if you don’t do well on the practice test. Go back and revise all materials, and then try again. Ensure you’ve had adequate practice before you sit your real exam.

Before the test

Make sure you sleep well before your test, as this will allow you to approach it refreshed. You should also eat well and stay hydrated on the exam day. Tests are often very stressful, and you must do whatever you can to stay in top mental condition so that you have the best chance of passing.

Aim to arrive at the test center slightly earlier than you need to, as this will allow sufficient time for unexpected delays. If you arrive too early, use the extra time to study.

Before you arrive, make sure you know what you need to bring to the exam. This includes any test fee you have to pay.

Good luck!