This site will not only help to guide you on what to expect but also prepare you with practice tests. These tests are very similar to the actual exams so they can help you to be successful in obtaining your Queensland driver’s license so that you can be free to drive as soon as you can.
Which of these has right-of-way on a roundabout?

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When pulling away from a parked position, you must signal for a minimum of what before moving?

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When you reach a stop sign, you must stop…?

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The default speed limit on roads outside built-up areas in Queensland is?

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If you buy a secondhand vehicle, you must transfer the registration to yourself within what time?

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You must apply for a Queensland driving licence if you have been residing in Queensland for how long?

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Unless a sign says otherwise, you may not park within what distance of an intersection with traffic lights?

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What is the only reason that you may cross or straddle a continuous lane line In normal driving?

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Which of these may not use a bus lane?

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When two lines of traffic merge into one, you have to give way to…?

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Learner drivers must not have a blood alcohol concentration in excess of…?

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When you are changing lanes, who has right-of-way?

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What is your stopping distance at 50 km/h on a dry road?

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Who must give way at a T intersection?

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At intersections without any signs, you have to give way to vehicles…?

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Which of these are learner drivers banned from using?

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On the approach to a children's crossing, you must not park within what distance of the crossing?

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Accumulating 20 or more demerit points on an open licence will result in a suspension of how long?

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If you are going straight on at a roundabout, you should signal…?

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If you are turning at an intersection, entering or leaving a road, or stopping at the side of the road, you can drive on or over a continuous white edge line for up to…?

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Speeding at more than 40 km/h over the posted limit will incur how many demerit points?

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A normal size child should not move from a child restraint seat to a booster seat until they reach what age?

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A crash must be reported to police within 24 hours if…?

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Which of these is the penalty for refusing to provide a breath, saliva, or blood sample?

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When you drive onto a road from a slip lane you must give way to…?

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