This site will not only help to guide you on what to expect but also prepare you with practice tests. These tests are very similar to the actual exams so they can help you to be successful in obtaining your Queensland driver’s license so that you can be free to drive as soon as you can.
How many demerit points will be given to a car passenger aged over 16 not wearing a seatbelt?

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L plates must be clearly visible from which distance?

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No driver is allowed to drive with a blood alcohol concentration in excess of…?

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Which of these should you do when entering a tunnel?

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When driving long distances, you should have a 15 minute break at least…?

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If your lane comes to an end and you have to move into another lane, who has right-of-way?

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An ordinary car in ideal conditions should keep at least how far behind the vehicle in front?

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What is the minimum depth of tread you should have on your vehicle's tyres?

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When driving with highbeam headlights on, you must dip them when you come within what distance of another vehicle?

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If you refuse to provide a breath or blood specimen when asked to by police, what will happen?

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If you are towing a caravan in a road train area, you must leave at least what distance between your vehicle and other long vehicles?

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What is your stopping distance at 110 km/h on a dry road?

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Signs giving instructions around roadworks are…?

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When are young drivers at greatest risk of crashing?

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In poor conditions, you should increase your following distance by at least…?

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If two cars are traveling side-by-side, one at 50 km/h and one at 60 km/h, and they both start braking at the same time, by the time the 50 km/h car is completely stationary, the 60 km/h car will still be doing what speed?

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When there is floodwater lying across the road, what should you do?

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You are at risk of aquaplaning in what road conditions?

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You do not have to wear a seatbelt when you are…?

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When driving away from a children's crossing, you must not park until you have got how far away?

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Which of these has priority in a shared zone?

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A child restraint must always be rearward facing until the child reaches what age?

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If you are involved in a crash, you must…?

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What is the maximum time you can stop in a loading zone if dropping off or picking up goods?

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What is the highest speed you can travel on any road in Queensland?

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