All of the questions that appear on the Tasmania learner’s practice test come from the official driver’s handbook. This handbook is available for download online, or you can pick up a copy at your local Drive Test Centre. The handbook lists all of the laws, rules, and road signs that drivers need to follow on the road or might see on the road. This is a lot of information.
Approaching a bus stop, you must not park within what distance of it ?

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When driving on an L1 license, you must have a supervising driver with a full current Australian license with no period of disqualification or suspension in the last…?

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What is the default speed limit in Tasmania in a country area on a sealed road?

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In which of the circumstances is it permissible to hold a mobile phone in your hand when driving?

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Which of these is the only permissible reason to drive across a double broken dividing line on the road?

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When a school zone is active, what is the maximum speed limit?

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Approaching an oncoming vehicle or another vehicle from behind, you should dip your headlights when you get within…?

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What color L plates must you display on an L1 or L2 license?

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Full license holders and supervisory drivers must at all times have a blood alcohol concentration below…?

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If you are turning left using a slip lane, you must give way to…?

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Which of these is an influence of alcohol?

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A driver must wear a seatbelt at all times except...?

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You are turning left from a multilane road with no turn lines. From where should you make your turn?

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When can you proceed at a pedestrian crossing?

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Bicycles must not ride within 2 m of the rear of a moving motor vehicle for more than what distance continuously?

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When must you give way to a bus?

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If a horse rider signals that they are having trouble controlling their horse, what should you do?

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When parking your car you should always leave how much gap between your vehicle and those in front or behind?

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You are turning left from a continuing road into a terminating road at a T intersection. You must give way to…?

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Your horn should only be used as...?

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When overtaking a turning vehicle, entering or leaving a road, or avoiding a hazard, you can drive in a bus lane but only for a maximum of…?

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You must always leave what distance between your parked car and a fire hydrant?

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When you are going straight ahead at a roundabout, how should you indicate?

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Which of these should you not do when an emergency vehicle with lights or siren on comes up behind you?

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In what circumstances can you enter a bicycle storage area?

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