All of the questions that appear on the Tasmania learner’s practice test come from the official driver’s handbook. This handbook is available for download online, or you can pick up a copy at your local Drive Test Centre. The handbook lists all of the laws, rules, and road signs that drivers need to follow on the road or might see on the road. This is a lot of information.
Another driver cuts in front of you. What should you do?

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When passing two cyclists riding abreast, you should leave the mandatory passing distance from…?

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Which of these correctly describes how you should pass an oncoming vehicle making a right turn when you're also making a right turn?

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A flashing red pedestrian light means ...?

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When parking on a hill you should...?

Question 5 of 25

You are approaching a level crossing and the lights have not started to flash, but you can see a train in the distance. What should you do?

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The youngest age a child should be to use a seatbelt without a booster seat should be…?

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The majority of crashes involving cars and motorcycles take place where?

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At an intersection, you must not enter the intersection until…?

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Which of these can distract you when driving?

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At 60 km/h, you should leave what gap between your vehicle and the vehicle in front?

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When a motorcycle is riding behind you, you should avoid…?

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Outside built-up areas you can only park on the crest of the hill or on a curve if your vehicle can be seen by drivers in both directions from…?

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If you break down at the side of the road, what should you do with your passengers?

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A driver behind you flashes their lights to indicate that they want to overtake. What should you do?

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Which of these are you obliged to do if pulled over by a Transport Inspector?

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The insurance that you have to pay for with your vehicle registration only covers what?

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Your tyres must have a minimum tread across the surface of what?

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You can park across a driveway to pick up or drop off passengers or goods, but only for…?

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You must not park within what distance of a level crossing?

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When turning right from a one-way road, you should begin your turn from…?

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If you are found driving on a learner license without an appropriate supervisor, your license will be suspended for how long?

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If you move to another state in Australia, temporarily or permanently, you can drive on your Tasmanian license therefore how long before exchanging it for that state's license?

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When roads are wet and slippery, what should you do with your stopping distance?

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If you are caught behind a slow moving vehicle, what should you do?

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