Practicing and studying the questions and answers are the keys to passing the driving theory test WA. Take our free practice tests now.

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Driving Theory Test WA: Practice First

Practice makes perfect in just about any endeavor you set out to do, and this includes getting a Western Australia drivers licence.

The question is, is there a way to prepare for the driver’s written exam? How do you practice to pass the Western Australia permit test with flying colors?

To start, you will need to contact your nearest DVS, or Driver and Vehicles Services and DoT, or Department of Transport in Western Australia to know the requirements. The staff will point you in the right direction and give you a handbook, which you should read from cover to cover.

Why Should You Practice?

Driving Theory Test WAGreater Confidence. Knowledge is power, and practising gives you enough confidence that you can pass the written drivers exam in one go. The more confident you are the less likely you’d commit mistakes on the actual exam.

Save Time and Money. A Western Australia permit test requires a fee. Why waste time and money re-doing the same exam when you can practice enough to get it the first time? A practice exam online is the best way to be prepared; besides, it’s free and only takes a few minutes.

Proceed Quickly. The process to acquire a driver’s licence is made up of several steps. You can get stuck trying to pass the written exam and lose your motivation when you keep failing every time. A practice exam is a perfect tool to ensure your ‘quest’ goes smoothly as planned.

Similar to Real Written Test. A practice written test will have the same questions as the real thing, which gives you a tremendous advantage. Take enough practice tests and you’ll have a gist of what questions will come up. More importantly, you can see the answer to those questions.

Don’t Be Afraid to Retry

A practice exam is unlimited and can be taken as much as you want. The learning opportunity is huge, and it’s a great way to absorb knowledge as you go.

It’s understandable if you fail the first few online practice tests, especially if you’ve read through the handbook in one go. It’s not the end of the world, though- you can continue and learn from your mistakes and do better the next time around.

From there, it’s just a matter of retaking the practice exam, going back to the handbook, and repeating the process until you pass. Make sure to answer the mock exam to the last so you get greater feedback.

You’re Finally Ready!

You’ve arrived at a point where you can answer the practical exam and pass it fairly easily. You’re confident that you can proceed to the driving test and pass that, too.

So, what’s next? Prepare for the day of the permit test. Get 8 hours of sleep and arrive early so you won’t be nervous. Calm your mind and practice breathing exercises. When the time comes you’ll be sure to know the answers to the driving test questions.

Afterward, wait for the results of the written exam. If you pass, congratulations! You’re one step away from getting your drivers licence in Western Australia.