Western Australia Road Signs Test 2

Before you take the learner’s test, you can take our practice driving test WA. These tests include everything you will need to know for the real test.

Western Australia Road Signs Test 2

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Prepare With Practice Driving Test WA

Passing the Western Australia driving test is similar to preparing for a school exam.

There’s a higher stake involved, though. To pass the practical driving test, you must prove that you understand and know the basic rules of driving on the road.

It’s easy to pass with flying colors as long as you get to know the material in the driver’s handbook and familiarise yourself with rules specifically within Western Australia.

Here’s how to prepare for the Western Australia drivers test.

Read the Handbook

You need only one handbook to pass the written exam—the Drive Safe handbook, which can be downloaded on the internet or procured at the nearest WA service centre.

This handbook will be your guide; all the official study questions will come from here. As such, it’s truly important to master the material so you can answer the exam with the utmost confidence.

It’s not enough to read the handbook from cover to cover in one sitting. Take the time to understand the content. It’s also recommended that you divide the handbook into short sections and allow a break in between. This way, your memory will serve you better, and you’ll be able to recall what you’ve read easily.

Gain Experience

The next step is to acquire real-life experience by observing from the passenger’s seat. Have a friend, coworker, or family member drive you around so you can familiarise yourself with the road signs, traffic rules, and more.

Practical learning is important as it is your visual guide to seeing what happens. Keep your handbook with you to reference it as necessary throughout the drive.

Take a Practice Exam

Practice Driving Test WAIf you’re confident that you can pass the written test, try a learners’ practice test. This will gauge your mastery of the handbook and give you an idea of what may appear in the actual Western Australia driving test.

You should finish the practice test and answer everything to know what items you got incorrect. You’ll also see what the correct answer is to supplement your learning.

A practice written exam is one of the best ways to prepare for the Western Australia driving test. It uses questions from official exam databases, which means there’s a chance they’ll appear on the real test.

Read your handbook as necessary for clarifications and to cover the information you didn’t absorb.

Mentally Prepare for the Exam

After reading the handbook and taking a practice driving test in WA, you should have enough confidence to take the official driving exam.

It helps to be mentally prepared as well. Arrive early at the testing area, i.e., 15 to 30 minutes before so that you won’t be in a hurry. Get enough sleep so you can think clearly. Prepare the requirements the day before and eat a healthy breakfast.

You know you’re ready for the written exam, so there’s only one thing left to do—take it and pass! Soon, you’ll have a driver’s licence.