It should be your aim to pass with flying colors keeping in view the fact that you are aware of all the rules of driving, and thus, you could be a better and safe driver. Also, the best thing to help you would be a practice test and you can practice and match answers to see where you stand!
In a built-up area you must not park on a crest or a curve in such a way that an approaching driver cannot see your vehicle for at least what distance?

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Accruing between 12 and 15 demerit points results in a disqualification of…?

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When driving in the country, where should you park in roadside parking bays?

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A built-up area is one with buildings by the side of the road or where there is street lighting for at least 500 m at intervals of not more than…?

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When being overtaken, you must not…?

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The only reason for moving an injured person from a crash scene is…?

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If a crash victim is unresponsive, what is the first thing you should do?

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Never enter intersection unless…?

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Under "anti-hooning" legislation, you can have your license suspended or canceled if you are found traveling at what speed above the posted speed limit?

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Anyone supervising a learner driver must have a maximum blood alcohol content of...?

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Outside a built-up area you must not park on a crest or a curve in such a way that an approaching driver cannot see your vehicle for at least what distance?

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Skidding is nearly always caused by…?

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On the freeway, somebody signals that they wish to move into your lane. What should you do?

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You must not park within what distance of the leaving side of a bus stop?

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When overtaking, you are allowed to exceed the speed limit by how much?

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Unless traffic, weather, or visibility stops you doing so, you must not drive more than how much below the speed limit on a freeway?

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Unless signs say otherwise, you must not park within what distance of an intersection?

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Under which of these circumstances should you cut your speed?

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When waiting to turn across oncoming traffic, you should have your wheels positioned…?

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Which of these are not permitted on freeways?

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You must not travel in the right-hand lane of a road with two or more lanes (except for specific reasons like making a U-turn) if the road’s speed limit is…?

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When you park a manual transmission vehicle facing uphill, you should leave it in what gear?

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A full license holder will be liable for disqualification if they accrue how many demerit points within three years?

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You approach a junction where you wish to go straight on, but find yourself in a lane with an arrow pointing to the right. There is too much traffic to change lanes. What should you do?

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On a single lane road, which of these is the only allowable reason to undertake a car on its left?

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