Northern Territory Road Rules Test 2

To pass your written driving exam in Northern Territory you have to give an actual test! It might be stressful but there are ways to make things easier for you. You should do perfect preparation, you should know all the rules so that you can be a responsible driver on the road.

Northern Territory Road Rules Test 2

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Before changing lanes, you must...?

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When an emergency vehicle with flashing lights and/or sirens on comes up behind you, you should...?

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You must have your headlights on at any time that it is not light enough to see a person in dark clothing at what distance?

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People can ride in a caravan when it is being towed if...?

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Learner licence drivers are allowed to use mobile phones when driving in what circumstances?

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Under what circumstances is it acceptable to leave a child in a parked vehicle?

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You are approaching a narrow bridge that looks as if it won't fit two vehicles, and another vehicle is approaching the same distance away on the other side. What should you do?

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When driving on a learner licence, your blood alcohol concentration must not be over...?

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Funeral processions have a right of way over you...?

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You must give way to a bus with a Give Way sign when the speed limit is below...?

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If you miss your exit on the motorway, what should you do?

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The horn can only be used for which of these purposes?

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When parking in front of or behind another vehicle, parallel to the kerb, you must leave a minimum of what space between your vehicles?

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At uncontrolled intersections, you must give way to traffic...?

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It is an offence to drive a vehicle that does not have all lights working...?

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What proportion of car crashes happen at night?

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You don't have to wear a seatbelt if you are...?

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In a 'no parking area' you will be fined if you leave your car and stray more than what distance away from it?

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At an intersection, you should not begin to cross until...?

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Under what circumstances must you carry your driving licence with you when driving in NT?

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How should you position your vehicle at a stop line?

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Babies must be carried in a rear facing restraint until they are a minimum of what age?

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No matter what the posted speed limit, learner licence drivers must never go above what speed?

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Your numberplates must be able to be read clearly anywhere in a 45 degree arc from your vehicle's centreline from what distance?

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Learner licence holders must display L plates...?

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Understanding the Northern Territory Learners Practice Test

The first leg of your driver’s education in the Northern Territory involves a written knowledge test. This assessment covers the key areas of road rules, signs, and general driving practices. In the vast landscapes of the Northern Territory, where driving is a significant part of daily life, knowing and adhering to these rules is vital for obtaining a license and ensuring all road users’ safety.

What Does the Test Cover?

The Northern Territory Learners Practice Test is designed to evaluate your familiarity with the local driving regulations, including understanding traffic signs, speed limits, right-of-way, parking, and other road safety essentials. The questions are drawn from the NT Road Users’ Handbook, and understanding the handbook is fundamental to successfully passing the test.

Why is This Test Important?

The significance of this test cannot be overstated. Ensuring that all new drivers are equipped with the necessary knowledge to drive safely is a priority, given the Territory’s challenging road conditions, from remote and occasionally unsealed roads to the bustling urban streets of Darwin. Passing this test means you’re on your way to mastering the art and science of driving safely in a Northern Territory context.

Accessing the Test

The test can be accessed in person at a Motor Vehicle Registry office or online through the Northern Territory Government’s website. Before booking your test, you must apply for a learner’s permit. A small fee is applicable, typically paid at the time of registration.