NT DKT Road Rules Practice Test 08

To pass your written driving exam in Northern Territory you have to give an actual test! It might be stressful but there are ways to make things easier for you. You should do perfect preparation, you should know all the rules so that you can be a responsible driver on the road.



How many stages do you have to progress through to get a full NT driver licence?

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Your tyres must have a minimum tread depth of what?

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For a second offence of "hooning", your vehicle may be impounded for up to…?

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The police have a right to demand you produce your licence…?

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You are involved in a crash off to which your vehicle has to be towed away. You are obliged to informed the police of the crash (if they did not attend) within…?

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Under what circumstances must you carry your driving licence with you when driving in NT?

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Drivers must exchange their interstate driving licence or other state driving licence for an NT licence can after they have been living in NT for how long?

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Your vehicle number plates must be visible at a 45° angle all round for a minimum of...?

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At night lights must be used to illuminate…?

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What is the demerit point threshold in NT for learner and provisional drivers?

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The photograph on your driving licence must be updated every…?

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If you are in a crash and entitled to compensation, it will be reduced by how much if you weren't wearing a seatbelt?

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Under what circumstances can you lend your NT driving licence to another person?

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Under what circumstances is it permissible to lead an animal tied to your vehicle?

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How long do you have to practice driving with supervision before you can apply for your driving test?

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It is an offence to drive a vehicle that does not have all lights working…?

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If you have been disqualified from driving by an overseas authority, under what circumstances can you drive in NT?

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What is the demerit point threshold in NT for a driver with a full licence?

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To drive in NT, it is compulsory to have what sort of insurance?

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