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If you miss your exit on the freeway, you should…?

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An instruction from a police officer overrides…?

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You may travel in a bicycle lane in order to leave the road or avoid an obstruction, but you must not travel in it for more than…?

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When you want to take the third exit at a roundabout, how should you signal?

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When you have overtaken a long vehicle, you should not pull back into its lane until you can see what in your rearview mirror?

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You must not park within what distance of a fire hydrant?

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You may travel in a tram lane in order to leave the road or avoid an obstruction, but you must not travel in it for more than…?

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On a road with a single continuous dividing line, which of these is a permitted reason to cross the line?

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When turning right at an intersection, the turn should begin…?

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At a roundabout, which of these vehicles has priority?

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You should never enter a railway crossing if…?

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Two vehicles are approaching a T intersection, one on the terminating road and one on the continuing road. Who has right-of-way?

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When you are pulling away from the parking space, you must give way to…?

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If you are involved in a crash causing death or injury and fail to stop and give assistance, you can go to prison for up to…?

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On a road with a broken white dividing line, for normal driving you should…?

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A yellow traffic light means stop unless…?

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When crossing a footpath to enter a driveway, you must give way to...?

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As you enter a tunnel, you should…?

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Which of these must you do when approaching a stop sign?

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You must have your headlights and taillights on…?

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In a no parking area, you are allowed to stop for how long if you are picking up or dropping off passengers/goods?

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Where a bicycle storage area is present at traffic lights, you must not enter it when the lights are red…?

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For a first offence of driving suspended, unlicenced, or while disqualified, you can be imprisoned for how long?

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You may only drive in a T3 transit lane if you are carrying at least…?

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What percentage of crashes happen at intersections?

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