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A learner driver must have a maximum blood-alcohol concentration of what?

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Outside built-up areas, you must not park on curves or crests unless your vehicle is visible for what distance from behind?

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You are on a multilane road and wish to change lanes? Which of these has priority?

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What length must a vehicle be to be allowed to use more than one lane when making a turn?

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You may not make a U-turn if it means other traffic…?

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Pedestrians have the right-of-way over cars when they are turning except ...?

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When there are no traffic lights, signs or lines at an intersection, you must give way to…?

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You need to turn left across a cycle lane. You must give way to…?

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If angle parking is indicated but there are no marked bays, you should park at what angle to the kerb?

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When two lanes zip into one, which of these has priority?

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You may only drive in a T2 transit lane if you are carrying at least...?

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You may travel in a bus lane in order to leave the road or avoid an obstruction, but you must not travel in it for more than…?

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When you exit the freeway, you should start to slow down…?

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When pulling away from a parked position, you must signal for a minimum of…?

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When you want to take the first exit of a roundabout, how should you signal?

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Head checks are important when changing lanes or pulling out, but they should never take more than…?

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If you are involved in a crash causing death or injury and fail to stop and give assistance, you will lose your licence for a minimum of...?

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Learner drivers can use a mobile phone when driving…?

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Approaching another vehicle or coming up on one at night with your high beam headlights on, you must dip your high beam when you get within what distance?

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On a road with double continuous white lines, which of these is a permissible reason for crossing the line?

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You are waiting as a red traffic light and the light turns green for bicycles. You must…?

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When passing a broken down vehicle, you should slow down how much below the speed limit?

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When turning right, you should approach an intersection…?

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Which of these has right-of-way in a sliplane?

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If you are aged under 21 you will have to prove you have had how many hours of driving experience before going for your driving test?

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