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Victoria Road Rules Test 2

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When you want to take the first exit of a roundabout, how should you signal?

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Pedestrians have the right-of-way over cars when they are turning except ...?

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When pulling away from a parked position, you must signal for a minimum of...?

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Outside built-up areas, you must not park on curves or crests unless your vehicle is visible for what distance from behind?

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If you are aged under 21 you will have to prove you have had how many hours of driving experience before going for your driving test?

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On a road with double continuous white lines, which of these is a permissible reason for crossing the line?

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You may travel in a bus lane in order to leave the road or avoid an obstruction, but you must not travel in it for more than...?

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A learner driver must have a maximum blood-alcohol concentration of what?

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Head checks are important when changing lanes or pulling out, but they should never take more than...?

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Which of these has right-of-way in a sliplane?

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When there are no traffic lights, signs or lines at an intersection, you must give way to...?

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When turning right, you should approach an intersection...?

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What length must a vehicle be to be allowed to use more than one lane when making a turn?

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You need to turn left across a cycle lane. You must give way to...?

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If angle parking is indicated but there are no marked bays, you should park at what angle to the kerb?

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When passing a broken down vehicle, you should slow down how much below the speed limit?

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When two lanes zip into one, which of these has priority?

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If you are involved in a crash causing death or injury and fail to stop and give assistance, you will lose your licence for a minimum of...?

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You may only drive in a T2 transit lane if you are carrying at least...?

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You may not make a U-turn if it means other traffic...?

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When you exit the freeway, you should start to slow down...?

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You are waiting as a red traffic light and the light turns green for bicycles. You must...?

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You are on a multilane road and wish to change lanes? Which of these has priority?

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Approaching another vehicle or coming up on one at night with your high beam headlights on, you must dip your high beam when you get within what distance?

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Learner drivers can use a mobile phone when driving...?

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Preparing for the Victoria Learners Test

Preparing for the Victoria Learners Test can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. Whether you are a first-time driver or looking to upgrade your license, studying for the test requires dedication and focus. From learning the road rules and traffic signs to practicing hazard perception, every step is crucial in gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to become a safe and confident driver. So, grab your study materials, buckle up, and prepare to embark on this important journey towards obtaining your learner’s permit in Victoria!

Understanding what constitutes a good practice test regimen sets the stage for effective preparation.

Study the Driver’s Handbook

Begin with the basics. The official Victoria Driver’s Handbook is your primary study material. Please read it thoroughly, underlining key points and taking notes.

Online Resources and Practice Tests

The digital world offers a plethora of resources. Utilize reliable websites, apps, and software designed specifically for the Victoria Learners Test.

Mock Exams and Simulations

Go through various mock exams and simulations to gauge your progress and ensure you can comfortably answer the full range of questions in the time allotted.

Time for Revision and Review

Regular revision is as important as taking practice tests. It cements knowledge, keeps content fresh, and helps recall it under pressure.