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A fully licenced driver may only make mobile calls when driving if…?

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Which of these is the only reason for flashing your headlights or using your horn?

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Which of these age groups of drivers is most likely to be involved in a crash?

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When making a left turn, you should approach an intersection…?

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Which of these will eliminate your blind spots when driving?

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A car you are following passes an object up ahead. You shouldn't pass that object until how long has passed?

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If you start to experience fatigue when driving, what should you do?

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When you identify potential hazards, what should you do?

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Learner drivers must have a supervisor who holds...?

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If you are driving on a road with no lane markings, you can only overtake a vehicle on its left-hand side if…?

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A headcheck means doing what?

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With a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05, how much more likely is a driver to crash?

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Refusing to take a breath, blood or saliva test when asked to do so by police will result in a minimum disqualification from driving of…?

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If your brakes fail when driving, the first thing to do is…?

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When arrows indicate that you can turn left from multiple lanes, you should attempt to…?

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You want to turn right from a two-way road into a two lane one-way road. Which lane should you aim to join?

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What is the speed limit in a built-up area in Victoria?

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The maximum permitted blood alcohol concentration for a person driving on a probationary licence is…?

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When there is a continuous white dividing line on your side of the road, you must not park (unless a sign says otherwise) unless you can leave how much space between the outer edge of your vehicle and the line?

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Which of these describes the best way to deal with a curve or bend in the road?

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People not wearing seatbelts are how much more likely to die in a crash by being thrown from the vehicle?

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What colour is the P2 probationary licence?

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Children must be seated in a child restraint with inbuilt harness facing rearward until they are what age?

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If you are driving a vehicle over 7.5 m long and following another long vehicle out of a built-up area on a single lane road, you must keep at least how far back from it?

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If you have a tire blowout when driving, you should…?

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