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When faced with an aggressive driver, you should…?

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If your licence is cancelled for drink driving offenses, you will have to use and alcohol interlock device for at least...?

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If you are blinded by bright sunlight as you are driving into it at sunset, what should you do?

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Scanning the road properly means…?

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When is a road most slippery due to rain?

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Who you do you have right-of-way over when making a U-turn?

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You must not travel in the right hand lane of a freeway except for overtaking or…?

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The first thing to do at the site of a crash where somebody is injured is to…?

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Your vehicle may be impounded if you are caught traveling at what speed over the speed limit?

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Children must be seated in a child restraint with inbuilt harness facing either forward or rearward between six months and what age?

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To avoid an oncoming vehicle, you have had to place your nearside wheels off the tarmac. What should you do next?

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The safest way of navigating when driving alone is what?

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You must not park within what distance of an Australia Post mailbox?

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Which of these has absolute right away in a shared zone?

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What is the first stage of learning to drive?

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You should try to avoid driving for more than…?

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Which of these can a learner driver tow?

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On a roundabout, which of these can make a right turn from the left lane?

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When making a hook turn, you should enter an intersection…?

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Which of these are learners and probationary licence holders allowed to do with a mobile phone when driving?

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Your safety margin is…?

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Compared to experienced drivers, the risk of a probationary driver crashing is…?

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What is the default speed limit on freeways/outside built-up areas in Victoria?

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If you allow something to distract you unnecessarily when driving, you could be penalized with…?

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The maximum permitted blood alcohol concentration for driving in Victoria is below what?

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