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Driving at 60 km/h, what will your stopping distance be in dry conditions?

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A learner permit/probationary licence holder found driving with a blood-alcohol concentration above 0.00 but below 0.05 will have their licence cancelled for how long (first offense)?

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Children must be seated in a child restraint or approved booster seat with seatbelt until they are what age?

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What percentage of fatal crashes involve excess speed?

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Which of these is the best description of the speed limit?

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You may travel in a transit lane in order to leave the road to avoid an obstruction, but you must not travel in it for more than…?

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In a loading zone, an ordinary private car can stop for how long to load/unload passengers/goods?

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You can carry an unrestrained passenger in the back of a ute...?

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Which of these is qualified as a vehicle in the law, meaning they have give way rights as much as your car?

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Compared to a driver with 50 hours of experience, a new driver with 120 hours of experience is how much less likely to crash?

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How can you be certain that you will be safely below the legal blood alcohol concentration limit when drinking before driving?

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During which hours are you most likely to drive dangerously through fatigue?

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When driving on a probationary licence, you must display P plates of what colour?

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When driving on a probationary licence, you must carry your licence with you…?

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In shared zones, what is the maximum speed limit?

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Children aged between four and seven should only be seated in the front seat if…?

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You are driving in a 60 km/h zone in wet conditions when a child runs out into the road 45 m ahead. What is the maximum speed at which you can travel and still be able to brake without hitting them?

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Which of these is the only thing that will reduce your blood alcohol concentration?

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If you are found "hooning" police can impound your vehicle for…?

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Which of these does cannabis do to your driving?

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Which of these is an effect of alcohol on driving?

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Which of these is the only good reason to remove a helmet from a motorcycle casualty?

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What is the speed limit outside schools in Victoria?

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In what circumstances can the police ask you to take a breathalyzer test?

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It is recommended that children should continue to use a booster seat until they are at least what height?

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