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ACT Road Rules Test 4

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If your steering wheel was a clock, what is the best position for your hands to be in?

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If your brakes stop working, the first thing to do is...?

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Your horn should only be used to do what?

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Which of these activities should you avoid as much as possible to keep concentration when driving?

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What is the minimum lateral distance you should maintain when overtaking a cyclist in a zone where the speed limit is above 60 km/h?

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Under what circumstances can you cross a solid white line at an intersection without stopping?

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Whose responsibility is it to ensure that a child is safely restrained in a vehicle?

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Having passed a pedestrian crossing, you must park at least what distance from it?

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Your default position on a three-lane highway should be to drive in which lane?

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Before pulling away in your vehicle, you must...?

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If you have broken down or had an accident and you have a red warning triangle, how far behind your vehicle should you place it?

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When entering or leaving a road, you may use a bus lane for a maximum of what distance?

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When you are planning to make a turn, pull in, or change lane, you should indicate a minimum of what time in advance?

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In bad weather, at night, or if you're tired, what should you do with your following distance?

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The 'three second rule' mandates the ________ distance you should leave to the car in front?

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If you are entering or leaving a road, overtaking a vehicle turning right or making a U-turn, or avoiding an obstruction, you may drive in a bicycle lane for a maximum of...?

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You can combat blind spots by doing what?

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A passenger cannot be carried without seatbelts/restraints unless...?

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When following another vehicle downhill, you should increase your following distance by at least...?

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You can only park on crests or curves outside built-up areas if your vehicle is visible to drivers on your side of the road for what distance?

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If a road has a continuous dividing line or dividing strip, you must park so that there is a minimum gap between the outer side of your vehicle and the line or strip of...?

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If you enter a roundabout with the intention of taking the right-hand exit, how should you indicate?

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If you failed to stop when instructed to by the police, you can be sent to jail for up to...?

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A red traffic light means you must stop...?

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If you are traveling at 100 km/h and fall into a four second microsleep, how far will your car travel completely out of your control?

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Benefits of Practicing with the ACT Learners Test

Improved Knowledge and Confidence

Utilize the practice test as a tool to enhance your factual knowledge and understanding of road safety principles. Each correct answer not only reinforces what you know but also boosts your confidence in tackling the open road.

Enhanced Road Safety Awareness

The practice test isn’t just about you—it’s about the safety of everyone on the road with you. By taking the time to understand road rules through the practice test, you build critical awareness that can prevent accidents and contribute to a positive driving culture in the ACT.