Driver Knowledge Test - How Hard Is It, And How Can I Prepare?

If you want to obtain a driver’s license, you must pass the Australian Driver Knowledge Test (DKT). This is a computer-based test containing 45 questions selected randomly from a pool of 600 questions. Out of the 45 questions, 15 are general knowledge questions, and you are required to get at least 12 of them correct. The other 30 are road safety questions, and you are required to get at least 29 questions right.

Benefits of Preparing By Taking a DKT Practice Test

Driver Knowledge TestYou Get to Know What To Expect in the Real Test

The written driving test in Australia is usually a theory test. Therefore, the best way to prepare is to familiarize yourself with the theory. However, reading driving theory books may not work for all, as it may take a lot of time before you’re ready. Besides, you may be working in a high-pressure job that does not allow you enough time to read and conceptualize books.

Taking a DKT practice test helps you to understand the theories that will be in the actual test while saving you significant time. First, the practice theory test has 45 questions, just like the real test, and all of them are derived from the same question pool. The language used in both tests is also similar. By doing the practice test, you get to understand the content that will be covered in the actual DKT, and this significantly increases your chances of success.

It Gives You the Confidence to Tackle the Actual Driver Knowledge Test

If you are looking to do the Australian driving exam, you might be wondering if taking a practice test is really worth it. Maybe you have even heard one of your friends claim that they know someone who passed the actual test in their first attempt. While this might be true, it does not apply to everyone. Just like every other exam, adequate preparation is one of the crucial aspects of success.

If you approach the actual DKT test without knowledge of the content that is covered or the format, you are likely to panic or lose your confidence once you get to the test room. On the other hand, if you have done the practice test, you know what to expect, and this increases your confidence that you are prepared to face any question.

Practice Test Gives You Room to Correct Mistakes

As earlier mentioned, the actual test ends immediately if you fail 4 questions in the general knowledge segment and 2 questions in the road safety segment. This means that you cannot afford to make mistakes in the Driver Knowledge Test. Remember, every time you enroll for the test, you are paying for it, and you don’t want to use a lot of money in doing tests.

Unlike the real DKT, the practice test allows you to finish all the questions irrespective of the number of questions you get wrong. Once you have completed the test, you also get to know whether you passed or failed. As a result, you can assess your level of understanding and whether you are prepared for the actual test. If you complete the practice test but fail to reach the minimum mark, you can decide to retake the test until you attain the required mark. By the time you do the actual DKT, you are assured of an exemplary performance

Other Ways Preparation Like Taking A Queensland Practice Driving Test Can Help

It Helps You to Identify Knowledge Gaps

It’s difficult to ascertain what you know and don’t know when it comes to exams. You may think that you know all there is to know about driving In Queensland, only to do the actual test and fail. Luckily, there are practice tests to help you know whether you are as knowledgeable as you think you are or you need to put more effort into preparation.

The state of Queensland, for example, has specific rules in licensing, L plates, and driving heavy vehicles, among others. Therefore, it is not right to assume that you know everything. Instead, take the practice tests and see which areas you need to improve on before doing the actual test.

Helps You Learn the Test’s Quirks

As much as tests are designed to ascertain your level of knowledge, they are not usually as straightforward as you would like. You may read many theory books on driving in Queensland, but when it comes to the actual test, you find yourself struggling to answer some of the questions.

To excel in the actual test, you need to be knowledgeable on the exam’s design and how the questions are formatted or phrased. This way, you know what kind of questions to expect, and it can even help you in designing your personal study strategies.

Factors To Look For When Sourcing A Driver Knowledge Test Practice

Check the Source of Questions in the Practice Test

For the practice test to be effective, the questions must be derived from the same source as the real test. This is because the aim is to get acquainted with questions that you might come across in the real driver knowledge test. The language used in the practice test must also be similar to that of the actual test.

Check that the Site Offering the Practice Test is Legit

The last thing you want is to pay for a practice test and not get the desired results. Therefore, ensure that the site you used is approved in offering DKT practice tests.

Ensure the Site You Use Has Tests Specific to Your State

Different states have different regulations in driving and licensing. Before enrolling for a practice test, ensure that the site offers questions that are specific to your state.

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