Practicing and studying the questions and answers are the keys to passing the Queensland diving test. Take our eight free practice tests now.

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Practicing for The Queensland Driving Test

Are you a learner driver? Are you looking to pass your written Queensland driving test in Queensland? If so, it’s essential to study the rules of the road and test your knowledge in a practice test before you sit your real exam. This article will give you some top tips that will help you prepare for the written driving test in Queensland.

Download or Buy ‘Your keys to driving in Queensland’

The Queensland government has a handy guide called ‘Your keys to driving in Queensland‘ which will help you to prepare for the written driving exam. The book can be bought from newsagents and other independent retailers or can be downloaded from the Queensland government website.

The guide is in-depth and tells you everything you need to know about the road rules in Queensland. It’s a fantastic guide for learner drivers and should be read and studied carefully before sitting the written driving exam. The book tells drivers and learners about Queensland’s current driver licensing requirements.

After reading ‘Your Keys to Driving in Queensland,’ you’ll need to prepare for the written road rules test. Study the material in the book and make sure that you know it well before sitting your exam. Make sure that you’re studying from the newest version of this book as it is updated often.

Practice the Written Test Online

Queensland Driving TestOnce you’ve studied the necessary materials and feel confident that you know the rules of the road, you’ll be able to practice before you sit your written driving exam. The Department of Transport and Main Roads have practise tests available online which allow you to test your knowledge. The practise tests include real questions that are likely to be asked on the day of the test. You’ll be able to answer 30 questions, which can be used as a prediction of how you’ll do in the real test. This is excellent practice and will help you feel more confident about sitting the actual test.

Both the practice and real tests have 30 multiple choice questions. In order to pass, you’ll need to score nine out of ten for the give way rules, as well as eighteen out of twenty in the general road rules section.

Study Tips

It’s important to remember that practice makes perfect and that the more studying you’ve done before your written driving exam, the more likely you are to pass. You could create a study plan which will help you to study each topic in turn in the run-up to your written driving exam. When booking the written Queensland driving test, you should make sure that it doesn’t clash with other studying commitments. You need to have enough time to focus on the test.

On the day of the test, make sure that you feel your best by eating and sleeping well and by staying hydrated. Give yourself plenty of time to get to the test center, and if you’re early, use the time to revise.

Good luck!