South Australia Road Signs Test 1

Don’t worry, the learners test SA is a challenge that you can master; as long as you come prepared. Try our FREE practice test now!

South Australia Road Signs Test 1

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Getting Ready to Drive in South Australia? Prepare for the Learners Test SA!

Passing the driving test in South Australia can be a nerve-wracking affair, but there’s one hurdle you have to overcome first- the written driving exam.

Like any endeavor, the better prepared you are, the higher your chances of passing. Here are five ways to prepare for your learners test SA.

Get All Your Documents in Order

To obtain a South Australia driver’s permit, you will need Evidence of Identity, a medical certificate (if you have a condition that may affect your driving), and money to pay for the testing and permit fees.

These are all important documents, so make sure to secure them beforehand.

Get the Handbook

Most, if not all, of the test questions will come from the learner’s handbook. This will be your main guide in knowledge and passing the written test.

The learner’s handbook can be obtained online, and you should be able to get a physical copy at any service center. Take care of it and ensure the pages are complete and readable.

Study Your Handbook

Learners Test SAThe only way to be prepared is to read the material. Simply breezing through the book’s pages isn’t enough- you’ll need to read it twice or even three times to absorb the knowledge.

The handbook can be quite thick and difficult to read, but if you proceed with one chapter or section at a time and don’t read it all in one day, you should be test-ready in a few days.

Take a Practice Test

The best way to gauge whether you’re ready for the exam is to take a practice South Australia driving test. It’s available online, and the questions are based on the official exams database.

You can get immediate results and know which items you got wrong. The feedback from an online practice test can give you the confidence you need to perform better and pass the real test.

You can take as many tests as you’d like, but ensure you learn from the experience. Re-read the handbook so you can supplement your knowledge further.

It’s recommended that you do this step as many times as you wish so you’ll be familiar with most of the questions shown on the actual South Australia driving test. More importantly, complete every practice test so you’ll have more feedback on what you got incorrect.

Prepare the Day Before the Exam

The day before you take the real learners test SA, you should get 8 hours of sleep and a hearty breakfast.

Arrive early so you won’t have to deal with added stress. Read all the questions carefully during the test- don’t panic if you don’t know the answer immediately. Relax and practice deep breathing exercises so you can get the best results.

These are the five best ways to pass the written driving exam in South Australia. Remember to read, practice, and repeat so you’ll be confident enough to pick the right answer when the official exam comes.