There’s nothing quite as exciting as getting to drive for the first time. Of course, before you can hit the road in South Australia, you must first pass the written test. This is a test created by the Department of Planning, Transport, and Infrastructure to test the potential driver’s knowledge of driving rules and the ability to recognize road signs.

South Australia Road Rules Test 2

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At which of these crossings must you give way to pedestrians and cycle riders on the crossing?

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A supervising driver for someone with a P1 licence must not have a blood alcohol concentration in excess of...?

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Which of these can you legally do with a mobile phone when driving?

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Provisional licence holders under the age of 25 must not drive between which hours unless accompanied by a qualified supervising driver?

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Unless a sign permits otherwise, you must always park at least what distance from an intersection with traffic lights?

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Which of these is a permitted use of your horn?

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When driving on a learner's permit, you will be disqualified if you have a blood alcohol concentration in excess of what?

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On a roundabout, which of these has right-of-way?

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Which of these must you give way to when pulling out of a parking space?

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If you need to use a bicycle lane for permitted purposes when driving a car, what is the maximum distance you can drive in the lane?

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If you run off the road on a country lane, which of these should you do?

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In built-up areas, you must give way to buses ...?

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The maximum default speed limit in a built-up area in South Australia is what?

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You can break road rules in order to get out of the way of an emergency vehicle...?

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When exiting a freeway or expressway, you should start to cut your speed...?

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You can be disqualified from driving with a full licence when you exceed how many demerit points?

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If you are in a crash in which someone is killed or injured, you must report to a police officer at the scene or at a police station for alcohol/drug testing within what time?

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If you park in a no parking area to drop off or pick up passengers or goods, you must not move more than what distance from your vehicle?

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On the what circumstances can you make a U-turn on a one-way road?

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When you are driving, you should always keep a following distance of how far to the vehicle in front?

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You must never enter an intersection unless...?

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You can lead an animal tied to your vehicle...?

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Bicycle riders may ride two abreast, but they must not be more than what distance apart?

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Which of these drivers is most likely to suffer death and serious injury?

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If you drive while you are disqualified, for a first offence you can be sent to prison for up to...?

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Preparing for Success

To confidently tackle the Learners Licence Test, you need to arm yourself with the right knowledge. Your preparation should be comprehensive, amalgamating study resources with interactive learning tools.

Study Materials and Resources

The official Road to Solo Driving handbook is the Holy Grail for South Australian learners. This comprehensive guide is essential reading and is the primary resource for anyone preparing for the test. Online resources from the Motor Accident Commission also serve as valuable supplements. In addition, flashcards, study guides, and mobile applications can make your review more engaging and effective.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice tests and mock exams should form a significant part of your study strategy. They simulate the testing environment and help identify your strengths and areas for improvement. Use these to assess your readiness and familiarize yourself with the questions you’ll encounter on test day.

Health and Well-being

An often overlooked aspect of test preparation is personal health and well-being. Ensuring adequate sleep, maintaining a balanced diet, and regular physical exercise are not just beneficial for your overall health, but they also significantly impact your cognitive function and stress levels. Studies have shown that individuals who look after their physical health can concentrate better for longer periods. Try incorporating relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing or meditation, into your daily routine to manage stress effectively. Remember, a healthy body supports a healthy mind, which is crucial when preparing for any exam, including the South Australia Learners Licence Test.

Test-Taking Strategies

Apart from having a thorough understanding of the material, it is essential to have effective test-taking strategies. These include time management techniques, such as answering easier questions and budgeting your time wisely. Additionally, carefully reading and interpreting each question can help you avoid mistakes caused by misinterpretation. Another valuable strategy is to eliminate incorrect options when unsure of the answer. This increases your chances of selecting the correct answer and significantly improves your overall score. Please familiarize yourself with these strategies and practice implementing them during your mock exams to increase confidence and efficiency on test day.

Additional Resources

In addition to studying from official materials, it may be beneficial to seek out other resources to supplement your preparation. Online forums and practice tests can provide additional practice and insight into the questions on the South Australia Learners Licence Test. Additionally, consider contacting friends or family members who recently passed the test for tips and advice. Remember to use online resources caution, as some may not be reliable or up-to-date.