There’s nothing quite as exciting as getting to drive for the first time. Of course, before you can hit the road in South Australia, you must first pass the written test. This is a test created by the Department of Planning, Transport, and Infrastructure to test the potential driver’s knowledge of driving rules and the ability to recognize road signs.
You must always park at least what distance from a fire hydrant?

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If you are in a crash, you must stop…?

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Airbags reduce the chance of serious head injury in a crash by how much?

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On the approach to a pedestrian crossing, you must not park within what distance of the crossing?

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The maximum default speed limit outside built-up areas in South Australia is what?

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At 60 km/h in good conditions, what is the minimum distance it will take you to stop?

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If you are in a crash you must provide all involved parties with…?

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If you refuse to submit to a saliva or breathalyzer test, your licence will be disqualified for at least how long?

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If a passenger over 16 is found not wearing a seatbelt when in motion, which will be fined?

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It is recommended that children our safest in the backseat of the car until they are at least what age?

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You should increase your following distance of the vehicle in front if…?

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You can be disqualified from driving with a learner's permit or provisional licence if you accumulate how many demerit points?

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In South Australia, a radar detector is illegal…?

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How long does the average fit and alert driver take to react to a hazard?

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What proportion of road deaths in South Australia are pedestrians?

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Which of these will help reduce your blood alcohol concentration and make you safe to drive?

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Approximately what percentage of drivers and riders killed in South Australia each year have a blood alcohol concentration in excess of 0.05?

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A school zone is active whenever a child…?

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What’s the best thing to do if you start to feel fatigued when driving?

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Which of these must you carry when driving in South Australia?

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What is the speed limit on the approach to a wombat pedestrian crossing?

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You will lose your licence immediately if you are caught with a blood alcohol concentration at or above what?

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In which of these circumstances is it acceptable to cross a single continuous dividing line?

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A young driver carrying 2 or 3 passengers under the age of 21 is how much more likely to crash?

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When overtaking a truck, you should not pull back in until you can see…?

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