Tasmania Road Signs Test 2

These free tests will help you be better prepared for your drivers test TAS and for the practical application of driving.

Tasmania Road Signs Test 2

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What’s Required to Take the Drivers Test TAS?

You may be thinking about getting a driver’s license in Tasmania, but what’s required to take the driving test in Tasmania?

You will have to pass two tests—the practical exam and the written test. These will check your knowledge of traffic and road rules and determine whether you’re competent enough to drive safely.

Today, we will focus on passing the written driving exam in Tasmania, Australia.

What is the Tasmanian Road Rules Booklet?

The official government website will provide the Tasmanian Road Rules Booklet, which you need to get a driver’s license. You can download it as a PDF and read it on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

You can also download the Guide to Your Driving Assessments to understand other requirements for getting a driver’s license in TAS.

Read and master the road rules booklet. It’s the source of all questions appearing in the written driving exam. The booklet is an important resource even after you’ve acquired your driver’s licence because it contains essential facts you can apply to your driving skills.

Take a Practice Written Test

To pass the practical driving exam, you must first pass the written driver knowledge test.

You can prepare for the real test by taking a practice test online. It can be a useful stepping stone and save you time and money. Instead of taking the actual written test again and again, you can try the mock test until you’re ready.

Drivers Test TASYou know you’re ready when you pass or have taken the practice test enough times that you’re familiar with most items. When this happens, take the official written test at the nearest Tasmania service location.

The free practice test gauges your mastery of the road rules booklet. Alternate between the practice test and returning to the handbook as your learning pattern. Most, if not all, of the questions you see are sourced from the official bank of questions in the written Tasmania exam.

Take the Practical Driving Test

It’s time to hit the road once you’ve cleared the written driving test. You will be accompanied by an authorized driving instructor, who will observe how you drive and obey the traffic rules.

At this point, you must have learned how to operate a vehicle. To supplement your driving skills, you can ask a friend or family member for a licence to drive around. Observe how they follow traffic and road rules. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about specific traffic situations as they come up.

Get Your Driver’s Licence

After you pass both assessments without an offence or failing, you will be rewarded with a Tasmanian driver’s licence. Keep in mind that when taking the P1 test with an automatic transmission vehicle, you may not be allowed to drive a manual vehicle. When you drive with a manual vehicle during the P1 test, you’ll be allowed to drive both manual and automatic on the road.