All of the questions that appear on the Tasmania learner’s practice test come from the official driver’s handbook. This handbook is available for download online, or you can pick up a copy at your local Drive Test Centre. The handbook lists all of the laws, rules, and road signs that drivers need to follow on the road or might see on the road. This is a lot of information.
How much over the speed limit is a permissible to go to overtake another vehicle?

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Bicycle lights must be visible at night or in poor weather conditions for at least…?

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You are turning right in a lane with traffic arrows pointing right. When do you have to signal?

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If you have a hazard warning triangle and you have broken down, in country areas you should place the triangle…?

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When making a right turn from a two-way road, you should begin your turn from ...?

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When you get tired, the best thing to do is…?

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Driving towards a pedestrian or children's crossing, you must not park within what distance of it?

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If you are going more than half way round a roundabout, you should indicate...?

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The laws about signaling apply…?

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The lap part of a seatbelt should sit comfortably…?

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When driving at night or in bad conditions, your vehicle must have...?

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Once you have entered a school zone, you can't return to the default speed limit until…?

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When should you signal to make a left turn?

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In which of these conditions should you not drive at the speed limit?

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Under what circumstances can you park in a bus or cycle lane?

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If you refuse to give a breath test when asked, you can be disqualified from driving for up to…?

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If you double your speed, your stopping distance is increased…?

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You can be sanctioned for driving while impaired under the influence of which of these?

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In a no parking zone, you can stop for how long to pick up passengers or goods or drop them off?

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A non-novice learner driver must have a supervising driver with a current Australian full car license that has been held for at least…?

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How long can you drive in Tasmania on an interstate or New Zealand driver license before you have to get a Tasmanian license?

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Which of these is the only thing that can change your blood alcohol content?

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Driving away from a bus stop, you must not park within what distance of it?

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If you change your address or name, you must inform Service Tasmania within what time to get your license changed?

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When towing another car with a tow line, the maximum permitted gap between the two vehicles is…?

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