Northern Territory Road Signs Test 1

Prepare for your NT learners test with our practice driving test. Gain access to 100s of practice questions and pass your learner’s test the first time!

Northern Territory Road Signs Test 1

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How to Pass the NT Learner's Test the First Time

The NT learner’s test is a prerequisite to getting a driver’s license in NT, Australia.

If you want to drive a vehicle in NT, you must pass written and practical driving exams. If time and money are of the essence, it’s imperative that you pass these official exams quickly and in just one go.

Here’s how to pass the NT learner’s test the first time.

How to Pass the NT Theory Test

To prepare for the exam, you must obtain and read the NT Road Users Handbook.

The Northern Territory written driving exam is computer-based and has 30 multiple-choice questions, all of which are taken from the road user’s handbook. To pass, you must get 26 out of 30 items correct.

Preparing as much as possible is the key to passing the written exam. If you don’t want to pay the theory test fee over again, you must pass the driving test on the first try.

For this, you must understand and take heart the material in the NT driver’s handbook.

How to Take the NT Driver Test

To take the official exam, you will need to submit a fully filled-out license application form at the nearest MVR office along with proof of residency and ID. Pay a fee, and you will be given a chance to take the written exam.

Practice, Practice Practice

NT Learners TestOne of the best ways to pass the NT learners test is to practice using an online practice test website.

The questions from a practice test will be the same as the official exam. Over time, you can familiarize yourself with most questions and answer confidently.

Better yet, you can take these practice exams as much as you like and get immediate feedback on what questions you got right and the ones you didn’t.

You should open your NT Road Users Handbook and read the material from cover to cover. If you have a friend or family member who’s already driving, ask them to give you a short tour to see the rules and traffic in action.

When you feel confident about taking the test, go online and do it. If you pass, take one or two more, as the questions may vary. Don’t be discouraged when you fail—just go back to reading the handbook and try again.

Remember that the NT learner’s test will select 30 questions randomly from a pool of 300+ questions, so the practice test you took may not be the exact one you get during the real exam.

Passing the Driver’s Written Test on the First Try

Take the practice test a few more times to get most, if not all, of the pool of questions in the database.

Arrive at the testing location quickly and get enough rest the day before. Wait for the results, and you can proceed to the next phase, the driving exam.