Driving Test WA - How Hard Is It, And How Can I Prepare?

Trying to decide where to go or what to do in Australia can seem overwhelming at first. Should you go sightseeing in Perth, or for swimming with whale/sharks or even take tree top walks? Well, making a decision when there’s so much to do can be difficult. But, one thing that shouldn’t be overwhelming is passing your WA permit test or getting a driving license. When applying for driver’s license in Western Australia or those who want to transfer an overseas license from non-recognized countries must pass a computerized theory test on road rules. But although it shouldn’t be difficult passing your driving test WA, many people still fail these examinations. That’s why we’ve written this guide to make the process as painless as possible for you.


Using a Practice Test Site For As Long As You Drive

Driving Test WAAfter reading Road User’s, a handbook used for Western Australia road users, you should now test your knowledge using practice tests. Australia’s transport department provides 11 practice questions for learners that are just like the real 30 questions on WA Driver Knowledge Test (DKT). These practice tests contain multiple choices and are derived from information on Road User’s handbook. One should choose the most correct answer from the 3 choices provided. Note that some questions are based on images that appear on your screen. Leaners must answer all questions before they can see their results.

Now, there are many test sites available to help you prepare for the Western Australia driving test. These sites have practice questions that help you test your knowledge about the driving test WA. It is essential that you take several practice questions to help you plan effectively. These sites also help learners identify challenging topics and study them. Plus, they help you know what to expect during your actual driving test.

What Is The WA Written Driving Test Like, And What Is The Fail Rate?

This exam consists of 30 questions with multiple choices. Each question has 3 choices and one should choose the most correct. As we’ve earlier said, questions are derived from Road User’s handbook. Therefore, reading it is essential in passing this test.

Candidates should score 80% or above to get a pass, which means one has to answer 24/30 questions to pass and be issued with a learner permit. Those who answer 7 or more questions wrongly fail this test. Unfortunately, you can’t retake it again on the same day. Instead, you’ll have to come back another day. It’s therefore essential that you revise and complete more practice tests before taking the real test.

Now, since all questions are derived from Road User’s Handbook, it’s easy to reach the pass mark. In fact, most people pass this test with just one trial. However, there are still those who fail, unfortunately. A government study conducted in 2017 reported that 30% of all DKT attempts in that year failed. While this exam itself is not hard, one should ensure that they’re well prepared for it. Here are some tips to help you do that.

Choosing a convenient test time- the test time should be convenient for you and the person taking you through this exam if possible. Ensure that it won’t clash with school, work, or other commitments as it may draw your focus from your test. We advise that you consider mostly morning hours as you’ll not have to worry about the facility closing before you do your test. But if you do it in the afternoon, ensure that you start before 3:45 pm.

Before taking your test- make sure that you get enough sleep, stay dehydrated, and eat well. Remember that tests are usually mental draining so ensure that you’re at your best to pass it on the first attempt. Also, arrive early at your exam center and use the extra time to practice tests. Additionally, ensure that you bring all the needed documents and fees.

During the test-remain calm and take your time since there’s no time limit. Carefully read and understand each question and multiple choices before choosing.

What to Avoid When Looking for WA Driving Test Practice Sessions

Practice test questions increase one’s chances of passing in the actual exam. Hence, they save you time and money that you’d have spent if you failed the official exam. And they also help you to become a better driver. Now, with many sites offering WA driving practice questions, it’s normal to be curious about whether you’re practicing with the right practice questions. Since questions on the WA driving test is derived from Road User’s handbook, ensure that most practice questions on a site are also from that book. Additionally, your questions should focus mainly on the type of driving class you’re training for. For instance, there are motorcycles questions to be answered by those training to be motorcyclists, and also there are heavy or light vehicles questions for those taking this training. Also, avoid sites that don’t provide answers or those that don’t offer reliable test answers to gauge your knowledge. Note that you’re taking practice tests for practicing for the main test. So if you can’t have the option of correcting your mistakes, there’ll be no use for this.

Succeed Where Others Fail in Your Western Australia Driving Test with drivingtest.autos

To increase your chances of passing the driving test WA, one should do as many practice tests as possible. Since there are many test sites available consider what other materials they offer. For instance, do they have handbook summaries? Do they recommend times to book? Do they show you how to interact with the test device?

One reliable site to consider is driving test autos. They have many questions and answers to help learners prepare and pass the official driving test. The good thing about their tests is that they address one’s need to perform in the real exam. They also offer relevant knowledge and information to help learners pass easily. Plus, all questions on this site have correct answers and you can, therefore, track your performance. They also share driving tips and blogs that explain auto maintenance.

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